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Help! Screwed Up - Resolved

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Had Vegacomb running for a while on my Vega, with the problem where the camera light is on all the time, so I decided to do a reflash. Rebooted into recovery, it hung so I turned it off and back on again, then it booted into Clockwork, where I wiped dalvik, data and cache. Then flashed Vegacomb again, which it done successfully and hit reboot. Got to the white splash screen and hung. So I turned it off (Which I shouldn't have, stupid me -.-), and now every time I turn it on it just hangs on the splash still. Can someone help me and tell me what to do?



Sorted it out, apologies for spam.

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you could flash the modded v2 stock rom, and then reinstall vegacomb.

just hook it up to your pc, turn it off completely (6 sec power button).. then hold the back button, after 2 sec also hold the power button.. you know the drill.

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