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U8800 2.3 Official Update from Huawei

Guest demolition23

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2.3 official update from Huawei.

Its for china, so no google apps at all.

NEW!! Huawei added BETA 2.3.5 update for U8800

Actually its the same version with the Chinese one, but this has google apps

U8800 Gingerbread upgrade instructions from the including PDF

original sourse


1. This software package is applicable to U8800 only, other models include U8800+/U8800Pro cannot use this package. Check your model at "Settings" > "About phone".

2. For the moment there is no official downgrade from Android 2.3 to Android 2.2.

3. Risks included. Flash with care.

1. Items to note

a) All data (e.g. contact list, sms, mms, etc.) will be wiped during the upgrade process. Do backup your data to external SD card or PC storage.

B) Make sure battery can last for at least 30 minute to ensure complete upgrade process.

2. Functionality description

This is modified version based on the original Froyo, with the following modifications:

a) Upgraded Android version to Gingerbreak 2.3.5.

B) Added Huawei UI with better usability on top of original Android version to improve user experience.

3. Steps to upgrade

3.1 Instructions to upgrade from Android 2.2.2 to Android 2.3.5

The upgrade requires 2 steps with 2 upgrade packages. All file names must be kept intact:

step 2 includes UPDATE.APP (main package for G version).

step 3 includes UPDATE.APP (operator pack).

3.1.1 Prepare a SD card with at least 512M storage.

3.1.2 Under SD card root directory, create a "dload" directory. Copy "UPDATE.APP" in step 2 to this "dload" directory. Power off the phone, and insert SD card. Press Power + VolumeUp + VolumeDown buttons simultaneously. The phone will upgrade automatically, and switch off when complete. Remove SD card.

3.1.3 Copy "UPDATE.APP" in step 3 into "dload" directory, overwriting the current file with the

same name. Repeat step 3.1.2.

3.1.4 (non-existent step?!)

3.1.5 When upgrade completes, phone restarts and enters factory status. After initial setup, phone restarts again. Android 2.3.5 upgrade is compelted.

3.1.6 Confirm the version is U8800V100R001C17B517G001 under "Settings" > "About phone"







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Huawei Device stated on Facebook that the Worldwide release is BETA due to some issues with WiFi. Please proceed with caution.

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade for the IDEOS X5 is now available for download on our website. Please note that this is a trial version and that you may experience some issues when using Wifi.

We also confirm that the better experienced version will be released on December 30th, 2011. Our sincere apologies for the delay. Please be advised that we are putting into place processes to ensure that these delays do not happen again.

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can some magnific DEV make a working root and CWM for this version otehrwise we will get stuck on it forever.

I just can't revert this s*** and I would like to go back to a custom rom!!!!

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What happens to devices that have been re-partitioned?

Should we go back to stock partition table before installing?


My phone was re-partitioned (1,46 Gb internal SD+ 1,01 Gb Memory)

I forgot that I had repartitioned my phone AND I had Clockwork Recovery installed :)

I symply made the update, with PROBLEMS- cause my SD card broke while updating the second part.(What else could go wrong???) Without the second part, the phone restarted itself a few times and made a wipe and voila- now using Gingerbread 2.3.5.

I still have 1,46 Gb internal SD and 1,01 Gb Memory !

Meanwhile NO Clockwork and NO Root. Tried to root with Z4Root but No success...

AND my boot time is much longer and boot animation is not the same as shown in the Video !!!



Ok I found a place in the menu to install an upgrade from sd card. I copied the second part (dload folder) to my new sd card and pointed to this menu item. The phone rebooted and made the update. WOW: startup animation as in the Video; Very huge changes - which I did't expect cause the update file was only 1kb small. Some changes after the second update file: WPS connectivity not available, "Beyond the sky" launcher theme, file explorer now available, calculator now available, alarm function now available, weather and time widget added, App installer added, Documents to go added.

Power off and startup time as in video, but I noticed that the phone doesn't really turn off- when powered down I removed the battery and the startup time increased as it was with froyo !!!

These are main features I could see at first sight....

Bu The second and worst feature is: After installing some apps making all my changes and phonebook entries everything seemed to work fine. untill my battery got low, then the phone turned itself off. After connecting to it's charger I was not able to see my launcher screen :( The phone stuck in a continous boot loop. I had to perform factory reset. This happened 3 times :( Now I am thinking of returning to FROYO 2.2 :(

Any thoughts about what may cause this boot-loop ?

Maybe an application or the fact that my phone rom is partitioned???

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I have re-read the facebook post:

"We’re happy to announce that the trial 2 version of the X5 Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is now available on our website. The upgrade has optimized the APN configuration for operator networks and at the same time your X5 can be upgraded in one easy step. Please note that this is still a trial version - you may experience some issues when using WiFi. The better experienced version will be released on December 30th, 2011"

So... 2 days before 2012 we'll have (I hope) a final version. =)

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Meanwhile I also installed the second version of the update.

Everything still seems the same. I am never allowed to shut down my phone- and if it happens to be by itself, then I have no other choice than wipe/format my phone. When I am connected through wlan, I never noticed any problems. Meanwhile I got used to formating my phone: I do not make any personalizations; cause I know that they will be erased.

I hope that my problem will be solved with the official ROM.

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Ok, I'm a tad nervous about doing this, but if I understand this correctly, to go from a re-partitioned MIUI system I need to:

1. Undo the partition size change

2. Restore the original boot.img and recovery.img

3. Perform the update from Huawei

Am I right, is that the process I need to do?

Also, do we know if the USB Tethering works?

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I went back to stock partition and tried updating and my phone bricked.

I didn't try restoring boot and recovery though.

Personally I would wait until final and hopefully bug free version :)

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