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[GUIDE] Wireless pc to vega file transfer

Guest danb79

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This is how i swap files pc to vega

1. Install File expert from the market on your vega

2. Download install filezilla client on your pc

3.Load file expert on your vega and select "Share My Contents" then "Start Share Via FTP" a box will appear with information

4.Load Filezilla on your pc and enter the information from your vega into the bar at the top, once connected your SD card contents will appear in the right side of filezilla and you can drag and drop files!!

File expert is a great app it also has the capability to share via http and it can access windows shared folders,ftp and bluetooth etc it can also be used to install and uninstall apps and much more

I hope this helps , any questions please ask

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Could also use myphoneexplorer available on market and PC client. Use this with my blade. USB, Bluetooth and wifi connection. Can be used to back up contacts and SMS messages too. Easy drag and drop function. Just another option :)

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Guest maxlink

Just use Wifi explorer on the android market. There's a pro version and it allow you to set your password when you explorer your vega from PC.

1. Connect vega with your wifi

2. Launch the wifi explorer app and it'll show you what your vega's ip address is . Ex :

( fill the full address above in any browser that you have on you PC/ Laptop to access to your vega )

3. Once a wifi explorer page launchs, enjoy and synch your data.

--> Here is the market link : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.dooblou.WiFiFileExplorer

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