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Google Voice Intent?

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Paul, or any other crafty devs - do you think there's a way to craft a Google Voice intent? Namely, I want to be able to use the option to decline a call with the text message feature. When I tested it, the reply came from my cell phone number (which I don't give to anyone) and not my Google Voice number. Makes the feature unusable for me. :( I don't see a setting anywhere to use this. And I already set the default intent for both texting from the People/Contacts app as well as "Send text" from Voice Actions.

I'm thinking this can be done but I definitely don't have the know-how! When I had a Samsung Galaxy S II, I was using the MIUI rom with the "five-points" lock screen. One of those lock screen shortcuts was the Messages app. Someone had created an .apk to install, which after installing, if you want to unlock to the Messages app, an Intent popped up asking if you wanted to use Messages or Google Voice. I'm wondering if something similar can be done for us with the decline a call with a text message feature?

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