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Vegacomb wifi "error"

Guest Notsofastmatey

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Guest Notsofastmatey

I've been using Vegacomb 3.2 9n update 3 for weeks now without problems, but in the last couple of days I've lost the wifi connection. I've always had a bug where the Vega would sometimes lose my router (usually seemed to happen when using Guardian Unlimited to fetch articles and Plume together) but I could always just reconnect.

The only thing I can think of that I've done differently is I connected to my Android phone's hotspot earlier in the week using no authentication. That was fine, but since then I just have "Error" under Wifi in the Vega's settings and there is nothing I can change.

I've tried turning wifi on and off, rebooting and wiping the cache. No joy. Does anyone have any ideas? One other weird thing is that on a couple of the reboots I went past the "exploding Vegacomb" animation twice, but it didn't loop again and loaded up fine. Weird.

Oh, I forgot to mention that both IP address and MAC address are listed as "Unavailable" in the settings. The latter surely shouldn't change and should be there...

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Guest Elz2012.

Well, I never did fix it so for anyone in the same boat you may have do what I did: full reinstall from moddedstock to 3.2 to update 3.

i have the same problem u ever fi this if so help? saves me uninstalling then doing it all over again takes so long when ur a newbi to doing android unlocks///Mods

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