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Guest Harness

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post, seemed like the most sensible spot. I used to be involved in OS development back when 2.2 was brand new and shiny. I forget most of what I did, though.

I am looking for someone who would be making a Galaxy Nexus ROM (_obviously_). I know I have to be running a Linux distro (Will be using Ubuntu) and know how to install/configure/use Ubuntu/terminal. I'm also very technologically inclined, and learn very quickly. I am also willing to simply study before and after files, note the effects, and learn that way.

There's not a whole lot I won't do, and there's a whole lot I can be/am good for. I also have many contacts from the old Liquid E days that would be able to help with any potential issues that arise as well.

Thank you in advance,



Email/MSN/Gtalk - r.matt.1992(at)gmail.com

Skype: r.matt.1992

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