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Guest 325i

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Guest IanTurner

Yup with corvus and cm7. Mind you if that generates extra heat there's some discussion about heat causing the touch panel to separate and fail so might not be a good idea. As has been observed elsewhere it's not a great idea in a passively cooled system with limited airflow.

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Guest GedBlake

Is it possible to overclock a vega on the vegacomb Rom?

The recently released Honey Ice 3.2.7 BETA 2.2 update to VegaComb allows OVERCLOCKING to a maximum of 1.2 GHz...

I have been running this update for well in excess of 24 hours (at the time of this post), with no deleterious side effects... other than the battery running down slightly faster than usual.

See here for details... http://www.tabletroms.com/forums/vega-rom-development/3084-%5Brom%5D-honey-ice.html


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Guest dibbles

The released VIEWcomb ROM - which works great on the Vega also allows overclocking...


it is very easy to install and is aesthetically pleasing.

It just adds to the choices available. The developer of that ROM has stated that his next release will only need a system partion size of between 130-140mb for his next release.

That might help people with problematic nand blocks.

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