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sdcard block

Guest equiliym

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Guest equiliym

ok im sorry for making a thread that probably even i dont need, i just wanted to make sure of something before i brick my phone :P

i need the sdcard mounting? block, on racer, is it /dev/block/mmcblk0p1? or maybe /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/mmcblk0p1?

im not really sure how to check that, i know i was messing with it a month ago but i totally forgot what i was doing and looking so i need a hint on this :(

edit: it looks like its /dev/block/vold/179:1 wtf :(

Filesystem            	Size  	Used Available Use% Mounted on

tmpfs                	80.8M 	44.0K 	80.8M   0% /dev

tmpfs                	80.8M 		0 	80.8M   0% /mnt/asec

tmpfs                	80.8M 		0 	80.8M   0% /mnt/obb

/dev/block/mtdblock4	150.0M	125.7M 	24.3M  84% /system

/dev/block/mtdblock5	295.9M	172.8M	123.1M  58% /data

/dev/block/mtdblock3 	12.5M  	1.2M 	11.3M   9% /cache

/dev/block/mmcblk0p2	228.8M  	4.0M	212.6M   2% /sd-ext

/dev/block/mtdblock5	295.9M	172.8M	123.1M  58% /cache/download


                      	6.9G  	4.1G  	2.9G  59% /mnt/sdcard


                      	6.9G  	4.1G  	2.9G  59% /mnt/secure/asec 

well, i answered my own question, this could/should now be locked and/or deleted ;p

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