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GooglePlus app on Wildfire S

Guest flyingdog77

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Guest flyingdog77

Hello All,

I am facing a wired issue with installing gPlus app from facebook on my wildfire S. Since the download fails with apk verification, I suppose it could be a problem on the htc framework.apk.

this is the logcat:

D/vending ( 543): [82] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.installFromUri(): Calli

ng install uri=content://downloads/my_downloads/46 src=null asset=66537939816144

36921 (com.google.android.apps.plus:0) [DOWNLOADING] name=Google+ last=TRUE

D/dalvikvm( 369): GC_CONCURRENT freed 440K, 50% free 3077K/6087K, external 712K

/1024K, paused 7ms+29ms

D/dalvikvm( 543): GC_CONCURRENT freed 775K, 45% free 4409K/8007K, external 901K

/1041K, paused 17ms+6ms

I/wpa_supplicant( 289): Reset vh_switch_counter due to receive LINKSPEED cmd

D/ConnectivityService( 119): getMobileDataEnabled returning false

D/StatusBarService( 188): old notification: when=1323728730287 ongoing=true exp

[email protected] contentView=android.widget.RemoteView

[email protected]

D/StatusBarService( 188): new notification: when=1323728732526 ongoing=true con

[email protected]

D/StatusBarService( 188): addNotification notification = StatusBarNotification(

package=com.android.vending id=-433769573 tag=null notification=Notification(vib

rate=null,sound=null,defaults=0x0,flags=0x10)), key = [email protected]

1fd50, fullScreenIntent = null, contentIntent = PendingIntent{4061edc8: android.

[email protected]}

D/vending ( 543): [82] VendingNotificationManager.showNotification(): Showing n

otification: [AssetID=6653793981614436921, NotificationID=-433769573, Title=Goog

le+, Message=Download non riuscito. Riprova.]

I/vending ( 543): [82] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.installFromUri(): Could

not verify APK signature.

D/vending ( 543): [82] DownloadManagerBroadcastReceiver.installFromUri(): J4z24


D/vending ( 543): [82] LocalAssetDatabase.notifyListener(): 6653793981614436921


Any clue?

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Guest flyingdog77


I sent a request to HTC support (who doesn't answer usually)...

anyway, a workaround to the problem:

1) donwload the latest apk for gplus app

2) copy it on the sdcard

3) adb shell pm install /sdcard/mypack.apk -s

... I just don't see the software installed and upgradable via the market

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