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[MOD] MCR Enhanced Power Menu | Reboot & Recovery | Updated for Ir8

Guest djmcnz

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This is now a MCR Kitchen option!! :)

For those of you that didn't or can't bake it in I've provided an updated version for Ir8 below...


Simple Install

  1. Download the appropriate file below
  2. Boot to recovery
  3. Please make a nandroid backup!!
  4. Flash the file you downloaded above
  5. Reboot and enjoy!


Note that the first time you reboot your system may "Upgrade" - let that finish and it won't happen again.

This update zip replaces critical system files. A bad flash will result in a phone that does not boot. Please make a nandroid backup first!

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No... It should be fine.

Thank you, flashed and working, this rom is almost complete now. Maybe if okay with you and Paul, this should be added to kitchen as an addon. Btw great launcher mod:))

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Will you need to re-do this due to the new FW build in Ir7?

No, I don't think so. I used Ir6 framework and Ir7 doesn't update the framework, just the kernel, good to go with either. :)

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Same question for new build ICL53F?

I've not d/loaded 53F yet so don't know if the framework is different. I'll do that tonight.

In the meantime, it will not break your phone if you use the current version - they may be identical but I will verify within the next 12 hours.

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Hi all, so Paul's applied some more awesomeness and incorporated this mod into the kitchen.

As a result I probably won't update it separately in this thread... although I'll see what gets incorporated into the pre-bakes and make a further assessment once Ir8 goes public.

For those that don't have kitchen access to Ir8 then you can continue to use this mod on Ir6.

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