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Help uninstall Google Music (US) Apk

Guest Asselberghs

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Guest Asselberghs

Hi Guys.

I am the happy new owner of a Galaxy S 2. It´s not rooted, s-offed or flashed or anything. I installed Google Music apk from XDA-Developers in an attempt to access my Google Music on my phone. Diden´t work now I want to remove it. I can´t using fast uninstaller. Under managing Applications I have cleared it and it´s said to take up 0,0 kilobytes but it still hangs around in the menu, I want it to be gone. I tried restoring everything back to factory defaults, diden´t take care of it. (removed alot of other of my setup though) Any ideas to get rid of it? or maybe an idea to get a US VPN to work on the phone so I can use it for it´s intented purpose? and why can I actually access an app that dosen´t take up space according to the system because I cleared it?

Hope to hear from you.

The problem with all this is I am from Denmark, Europe and well shoulden´t have access actually but I have access to the web Google music just not the app on Android.

Hope for some kind of a sollution, thanks for your help

Kind Regards


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