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Workaround to get BBC iPlayer working in Full Screen Mode

Guest Boydie

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Hi All

I got my Advent Vega for Christmas and abosutely LOVE it

It is updated to Android 2.2 and I had a problem viewing BBC iPlayer in full screen mode - the intro "stings" work fine but the actual programme is it is just a garbled mixup of pixels with perfect audio

I stumbled across a workaround by accident so thought I would share it in case anyone else is having the same issue...

Open the BBC iPlayer app

Click on play - it will most likely play in full screen mode - as a garbled mix of pixels but with perfect audio if you are having the same issue as me

Exit full screen mode by tapping the screen and clicking on the icon in the bottom right of the screen

The video will no be playing perfectly in "small mode"

"Double tab and drag" on the playing video

Click the full screen icon (top right)

The video will now play perfectly in full screen mode - and it looks awesome!!!!

I hope this helps others with similar issues

If anyone knows a way to fix the issue (so it plays perfectly in full screen straight away) I would be very interested



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Guest IanTurner

Just out of curiosity what browser are you using and did you try another ?

Iplayer works fine for me in fullscreen using Dolphin HD (in vegacomb though that's probably irrelevant)

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