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Guest WillDroid

Hi all!

I have just got a new dock for my Advent Vega tablet, so it is now nicely set up alongside my TV. I really wanted to be able to control it from one of my Android phones (I have the Blade1 OLED and my new shiny OMC). I have found a couple of applications, one is the android-bluetooth-touchpad app (clicky) and the other is available in the Market called BlueputDroid (also clicky).

Both of these were very temperamental with the Blade, but both work pretty much flawlessly with my OMC.

I was just wanting to both let people know about these two apps and also request if anybody knows of any others that have the same function (turning the Android device itself into a Bluetooth HID) but have multimedia controls, as controlling music on my Vega from my phone at parties would be ideal.



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