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Guest Steven Waterworth

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Guest Steven Waterworth

Help! I am a complete technophobe and ive bought my daughter the advent vega for christmas, i assumed she would be able to download games standard with the tablet. After research ive discovered that I need access to the Android market. Ive paid my £9.99 and downloaded a compressed zip file to my pc's desktop in this compressed zip folder there are 12 files inc. install-linux.sh and install-mac.sh I simply right clicked on the install-linux.sh file and copied to the micro sd card that came with the vega. I put the SD card back into the vega and thats where im stuck. Nothing is happening and everything im reading is not making sense to me. Could anyone please help and remember I dont know any computer jargon so in idiot form would be good.

Thanks in advance

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Guest richardmlea

Hi Steven, welcome.

There are lots of custom roms for the Vega, which rom have you downloaded?

Have you paid for a rom or have you paid for an ad free membership with access to online kitchen?

Whichever you have you don’t need to uncompress the zip.

As you have the stock rom on it at the moment you don’t have clockworkrom installed so you need to use a PC to install roms.

Vegatools is the best place to start

Install it on your pc and it will help you install custom roms like moddedstock and corvus5 and the included automatic driver installer will make sure you have the correct drivers on your pc. There are also some useful help files included with vegatools.

You have not asked but you probably will so i will answer before you do. There is no "best rom", there may be a best rom for your needs but it all depend on what they are.

I would imagine as you are giving it to your daughter you will want to give it to her and forget about it. You should choose the rom accordingly. You want a stable rom that works well and doesn’t need regular updating then i would recommend Corvus5 sp1

It smooth, stable, fully functional and well tested.

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