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Speeding up video streaming

Guest Squire_Au

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Guest Squire_Au

I'm managing to stream video to my transformer fairly happily now, using either gmote or ES file explorer. But 720p HD video drops out, freezes, skips, and generally gives signs of not enough bandwidth available. I use the full version of MX video player, including its codec for Tegra II.

I have trouble with mkv 720p (1280x720, progressive, MKV container, AVC video, AC3 audio). I understand that I may have to convert to the mp4 container, and recode the audio to AAC to allow the transformer to decode in hardware. Xmedia recode is good for this... leaves the video unchanged, recodes the audio, and repackages the video into mp4 format.

Anyways... would adding a 802.11n wireless access point to my existing router (best it can do is 802.11g) remove most of the streaming problems? Is it worth doing? I can get an access point on ebay for about $60 or so. It may be worth it simply to speed up file transfers.

I'd rather not have to recode all my 720p mkv stuff to lower definition mp4 - although handbrake is pretty quick, about 20 minutes for an hour long 1280x720 mkv to 640x360 mp4. I'd rather not have to do that, as it loses fine detail, and what's the point of having such a great screen on the transformer, if you can't use it in its native resolution?

Some of the video I'm having problems with is high profile ([email protected] - CABAC - 3 Ref Frames), and I've heard that the Tegra II can't decode that in hardware.

Can anyone recommend the most compatible H264 settings for the Transformer TF101, that loads the processor the least, and plays 720p without a glitch? If I have to recode all my high def stuff, then so be it.


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