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Help! stuck in loop and power doesn't work!

Guest mmace

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Can anyone help, really want to avoid wiping the tablet if possible!

I have Vegacomb (latest) installed

I noticed a week or so ago it kept turning itself on (whether charging or not) from being totally turned off. Occasionally after booting the power button wouldn't turn the screen off.

Now on boot it shows the bee logo, then vegacomb text exploding, then back to the bee and in a loop.

If I take the SD card out (everything installed on there using Links2SD) then it loads into Android but no apps work as they are on the SD.

However, when in the loop or if I take the SD out and go into the OS the power button doesn't work so I cannot turn the screen off or shut the tablet down, I have to wait for the battery to die

I just booted it with no SD card. It booted but resets the time to midnight jan 1st 2009 each time and if i try using it then the power menu keeps popping up and most of the time it just restarts (doesn't seem to "shut down" just goes instantly off and then boots up again

Any ideas?

Hardware issue?

Easy to fix?

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