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Unfortunate problem

Guest mrloki

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Guest mrloki

Hi, I am having an issue with a hannspad that was given to me and was hoping someone here could help. not sure who set it up for the previous owner ( she was 85) but I can see it has CWM already installed,

My problem is that when it boots it gets all the way past the logos etc then comes up with Sorry! the application tablet setup has stopped unexpectedly, I can tap force close but it just pops up again. In the background i can see it scans the storage so its kinda working.

I thought I would just pop a fresh rom on it and that would solve things, but as my pc sees the device but cant mount it as storage there doesnt seem to be any way to do this.

Any help appreciated as it would be foolish to turn down this tablet as I got it for free and the girlfriend is always nicking my vega.

Thanks in advance

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