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Trying to install Market in Honeycomb 3.2 - ADB Problem

Guest alex_obscuro

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Hi, two days ago, I install Android 3.2 in my N10 (A.k.a. Advent Vega 2)

But I´m trying to install android market via ADB mode.

I install Android SDK and the USB driver.

Now, when I connect the N10 to my computer via USB, I can see in my windows explorer the Android tablet like V91 device.

But when I try to use adb I receive and error "error: device not found"

Anyone can help me????

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Hi, after 3 days trying my N10 doesn´t works with ADB

I install the USB drivers, I change the google USB driver and add the lines for Tegra 2 250

But nothing, afther this I can access the storage of my N10 tablet via Windows Explorer, but the ADB don´t works.

Anyone have this problem?

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