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[WP7 App] Streem - Social media aggregator

Guest evanogainen

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Guest evanogainen

So I just released the first version of my app Streem which aggregates feeds from different social networks.

It's over here:


There are loads of RSS apps out there, some even include facebook/twitter.

This is different tho.

This aggregates your content/feeds from the following services:






Linked In




Currently it will display the posts and images from your streams, usually the people you follow.

I have a lot of ideas on where to head with this:

- more networks

- ability to view comments

- ability to view video(youtube/vimeo/facebook) / maps(foursquare)

- ability to post/reblog/repost/etc across any services you are logged into

It'd be great to hear what you guys think of the app so far and which features and networks you want added in the next update.

(An iPhone/iPad version is also in review, for those of you with those devices too that enjoy this app)



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Guest evanogainen

Shame no "try" option to be honest unless I can try first I tend not to just buy first.

Good luck with the app and future projects.

Have submitted a version with a trial option, and just a nag screen on startup, no other limitations.

Should be there in a few days.

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