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ex sf1 owner - which model now?

Guest Gary_J_Wright

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Guest Russ_uk

I use to own a SF1, which is the better model to own/play with the skate/ sf2/ vivacity?

The difference's between the SFII & the TMV are negligible. And the only real plus for the Skate over those two is the screen size (if your a fan of larger screens)

You can compare the Crescent & Skate here

Personally, I'd go for either the SFII or the TMV.

Which one? Whichever one you find more aesthetically pleasing.

Hope that helps a little!

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Guest Reider59

I see some threads about the Skate but in comparison between the SFII and the Vivacity I feel far less interest is shown, despite the bigger screen and being out the longest. As a first time Droid user I wanted a well received and supported phone, at a decent price and not too under powered. Looking at both the SFII and the Vivacity both fitted the bill. The SFII seemed to be showing more support, primarily because of the earlier SF phone that it emanated from.

I fought tooth and nail to secure one of these two phones in time for Christmas. Before getting the funds together the SFII went out of stock 3 times but that`s not surprising with a new model at that price range and being Christmas. I very nearly bought the Vivacity one day as it was surprisingly in stock in my local T Mobile shop (only 2 in), the week previous they had never heard of it. Alas my money wasn`t in the bank so no can do. The next day the money was there but I didn`t feel like a trip to town again unless I really had to. The SFII was again out of stock the day before and they only had 1 in the shop in the run up to Christmas. I went back home, on the net the SFII was back in stock, I ordered and picked it up in town two days later.

That same day I unlocked the phone. Facing some hassle all the next day trying to change ROMs I stuck with it and finally changed it. Since that day I`ve changed ROM`s some 20+ times trying one out, going back to an earlier one I preferred. I emptied the battery stats once I hit 100% then let the phone almost empty. My power usage is now fantastic and gives me a lot of confidence. App use is brilliant, Titanium Backup again builds on that confidence, especially after changing ROMs and getting back my paid for Apps and data. With only an 800 CPU it still plays a racing game with very little if any lag and I just cannot believe the graphics. Its looking like around 1 gig will be possible before too long and a few people are looking into the necessary changes.

I absolutely love my SFII so I`m heavilly biased but I`d say unless you want the bigger screen of the Skate it comes down to the Crescent series in the form of the SFII or the Vivacity. Do you want buttons or touch type buttonless like the iphone? I don`t think you`ll be unhappy, whichever way you go. The support is there, interest is growing by the day and lots of new surprises are around the corner. Its a choice I will never regret, the phone feels like its a part of me and I`m proud to show my cheap little phone with a gazillion uses to just anyone! Just enjoy whatever choice you make.

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Guest andysee

I've gone for Vivacity, because quidco has £20 cashback.

Have had OSF for 18 months.

Vivacity is very 'iphone' like in form factor, more square at edges so a different feel.

I think the SF2 is more like the SF1 in being a bit more 'rounded'

Maybe there's a Youtube comparison

I prefer the sf form at the moment, but I'll no doubt get used to it.

I went for price and 'now'.

Also, it doesn't seem as though Tmobile add as much bloat as Orange.

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Guest Reider59

I have to admit, and left it out of the earlier post, that the offers had some bearing on my choice. I think T mobile just offered £20 of Apps but I did prefer the more iphone look of the Vivacity. Orange do have a lot of bloatware but I was determined to be rid of Orange and the BS asap after purchase anyway. On the offers front I got the piggy bank I was after for my Mum but then I grabbed it, wanted the head phones to connect a gadget to for my flight sim that allows me to look out windows by turning my head, got the key ring with dual 3.5mm audio adaptors and the phone for £99 + £20 worth of Apps.

Had Orange/Top Cashback/or simply myself not fouled up I`d have got another £12 back too. But this is on appeal now anyway so I may still do so if one of them was at fault and admits it. Yes, sometimes the offers have to have some bearing on our choices but I did want the SFII, offers or not. I`m sure I`d have been equally at home with the Vivacity though.

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Guest aequalszero

Just a quick point that can't be gleaned from online comparison tables: If you owned a black SF1 then you might find the SFII a little plastick-y, especially on the back. If you had a white SF1, then there's probably little difference. Go pick one up in a store if you can and get a feel for it.

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