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Hopefully straightforward questions from a Noob

Guest riverboat2001

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Guest riverboat2001

I've happily rooted and installed custom roms on my htc Desire = Worked great

Got a Galaxy Nexus, that's rooted, and I'm loving it.

Hubby's got a 10.1 tab, but i think it's too big, so i picked up a GT P1010 UK Wifi only tab.

So my first questions, is Samsung likely to release Honeycomb for this tab, or will it have to be a custom rom? And if so, I'm assuming that any further updates to Honeycomb would again be via custom roms, although for some reason they seem to be very thin on the ground.

I really want to install Titanium backup, and clockwork recovery, so i know i have to root the tab.

There seems to be a real lack of information on the best way to achieve this, I've read what i can find, but i'm sorry, i'm still struggling.

Given what i want to achieve above, which order and methods should i use?

These are the things i've read up on,




So, as far as i can tell the first step is to root Tab --- which method do i use?

Then download rom manager and flash clockwork recovery onto my device

From there i can then update my phone using a zip file from the online kitchen.

From reading this post though,


What android version is this based on? Gingerbread or Honeycomb?

And more importantly what version of the tab is it suitable for? GT P1010 ?

Do i have to have Kies installed on my pc, and do i have to have an sd card in the device?

Hopefully someone will take pity on this struggling middle-aged lady, trying to keep up with the latest greatest technology........ LOL

Cheers All

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