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ICS 4.0.3 "fluid" on Nexus S. Not quite...

Guest cainn24

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Guest cainn24

Hi everyone

So I picked up a Nexus S (GRI40 build) and updated it to ICS pretty much as soon as I turned it on for the first time. I used the "2.3.3 (GRI40) -> 4.0.3" incremental update from here, which is the correct one for my existing build. In other words, I performed the update using the official procedure on a completely stock Nexus S.

Now, ICS is definitely zippy. However I am experiencing a slight pause when transitioning from one homescreen to another (this happens without fail), and also when opening the app drawer (only happens occasionally). In both cases, the pause only happens for an instant, and happens during the transition. This happens even when there are only the essential system processes running.

Any other ICS users around here experiencing the same issue?

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Guest Maksymilian

I'm using this Been using it for what seems like months and not had any problems as a daily ROM. GPS signal is a bit flakey but I don't use the Navigation stuff at all. It seems to be very smooth flicking through home screens. It does sometimes pause when opening the app draw and when exiting an app to go back to the home screen there sometimes is a delay, but nothing I personally cant live with.

There are a lot of alternative ROM s over on the XDA channel but I haven't had time to try them out yet.



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