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Cant install ADB drivers

Guest Maccas84

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Guest Maccas84


I have an ZTE cresent that I want ro flash with a different rom, I have Fish and Chips and want to install a basic de branded rom due to a few problems.

I used Bouncers guide to unlock and install the rom but when i press volume down and power it enters FTM rather that clockwork mod.

I am trying to install clockwork mod through ADB but all i get is 'Waiting for device' in windows fast boot.

I am running windows vista 32bit.

Please help i have tried everything to get this to work.


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Guest raverrr
  • fastboot method
    • NOTE: You will need have the Android SDK installed on your comptuer and the device's drivers installed for this to work.
    • From a command prompt run 'adb reboot bootloader'
    • The device will reboot, and stay at the inital boot screen.
    • From a command prompt run 'fastboot flash recovery <filename>.img'
    • When this finishes, from the command prompt run 'fastboot reboot'
    • finaly while your device reboots type 'adb reboot recovery' again and your device should reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery

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Guest bleebloop

The drivers have to be loaded via Device Manager in Windows.

I'm also having problems with the drivers. Does anyone know exactly which drivers you need, how to remove everything Android-related, and then install the correct ones? When I try and connect my phone via USB it doesn't come up with de-bugging until I unmount the virtual CD drive it creates. And so if I try to reboot into the bootloader, the computer no longer recognises the phone when it restarts.

Another strange problem I have is that every available method I can find to check if the phone is rooted says that it is, but nothing that requires root access works. I think this might be because I rebooted after I did a wipe/factory reset without installing a custom ROM because the one I was trying to install was corrupt.

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