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No SU permissions

Guest Hackrunes

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Hi all,

I've a problem with my Pulse. I tried a lot but now I'm sure I just don't have su permissions.

I rooted my phone, but still I get a message "permission denied" or something. I would install FBL mod 1.7, but I even can't do that. I get this message:

"E: Can't symlink /system/xbin/su"

"Failure at line 135: symlink /system/bin/su SYSTEM:xbin/su"

Maybe I don't have the right rights off the map /system?

Does somebody know a solution for me?




Dutch :rolleyes:

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Make sure you follow the guides above from the stickies. They will step your through what you need to do to get a custom ROM working on your phone.

FLB Mod is a good choice by the way.

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