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Hi all, after days of searching for the means to root and possibly ROM the phone I've found myself here.

I'm totally new to this. Just when I think I've found a way to root the phone I see warnings about it being on Orange or the wrong bootloader.

I appreciate I'll need to goldcard an SD but this is my first attempt at rooting the phone and I'm going around in circles trying to find the right rooting software or ROM. There's just too much information regarding bootloaders, ROMs, kernels and I'm ready to call it a day. I need help.

I've found the bootloader:






but I don't know where to go from here. Everywhere online points to Paul but as I said I'm going in circles.

Can anyone please help?

Thanks. Q.

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Bit of an abandoned forum these days mate, Desire being a bit 'old hat' and all. XDA Dev is where it's still alive and kicking.

There is a lot of info but to be fair you should still be able to find what you need, if you don't have patience, don't bother getting into this, leave your phone as it is.

However, I can help point you to the right tools:

First : go here: http://unrevoked.com/recovery/ and d/l the required exe

Before you run it, make sure you have a) downloaded and installed HTC Sync THEN Uninstall it but leave on the USB driver

Run the unrevoked exe with the phone plugged in and with USB debugging selected (via settings - Development blah blah you'll find it)

If it doesn't detect your phone, install these drivers (providing you are Windows based)


That should work fine.

Don't bother trying the S-Off option it doesn't work for GSM phons (unless someone can advise this has changed)

Your phone is now rooted.

Oh did I mention S-Off above? Lol. Mate start with the root then move on to the next step. You can start flashing ROMS once rooted, S-Off gives more capabilities but I'd advise you get some experience of the mod world first.

Hope that helps.

Also here's the XDA Dev link: http://forum.xda-dev...splay.php?f=594 and a link to a post of all steps above prob explained better: http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=696189

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Thanks for the response. Patience isn't an issue. The amount of information out there for kernels, bootloaders etc. is overwhelming and I ended up going around in circles. I spent about six evenings going from forum to forum, link to link but all I saw was warnings about rooting a phone on Orange, rooting older bootloaders etc.

I've not looked in to rooting phones before. I'm completely new to it.

I'll give Unrevoked a spin and see how it goes. Hopefully with some success. Thanks again for getting back to me.


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Yup, it's possible to S-OFF the Desire GSM :)

I did it about a month ago.

Anyway the MoDaCo ROM and forum for this phone is rather dead, so I suggest you find somewhere else, such as xda-developers or cyanogenmod. They can offer you a lot of help.

Like he said, you just need to download UnrevOked and run it with the phone plugged in and debugging turned on.

Rooting the Desire is riskfree now, and has been for long - but at first it was very dangerous and required hex-editing etc. (Which was great fun for me to mess around with :P)

Good luck finding what you are looking for :)

If you are interested in installing an "Icecream Sandwich" (ICS) ROM you can find a very fine one here http://sandvold.as/ - So as soon as you feel comfortable with rooting you should most certainly explore the ROMs that are available out there. They will for sure increase your experience with the phone :) Just bear in mind that there is no guarantee that anything will work - such as the ICS ROM doesn't have any barcode scanner functionality yet.

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I've just upgraded the phone. I'm now running the SGS2 so I'm going to use the Desire as a play thing for my five your old son. It also means that I'm much braver when it comes to playing with rooting, ROMing etc. so if it gets bricked then we've not lost much. Junior could always play with the S2 when I'm not using it.

Thanks everyone. I suspect the coming weekends will be a learning experience. :)

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Huge thanks to BashyUK. After failing with different drivers using the Unrevoked download (3.32) I found that 3.21 worked like a charm. Both of my phones are now rooted (SGS2 & Desire).

I don't know if you'll see this, as you said it's a bit of an abandoned forum these days but I'm still very grateful.

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I have read all information shared with all of you here. HTC is very popular now in the market. HTC Desire is the best Android phone with all required features and best look. These all information increased my knowledge. Thanks for sharing this thread and all posts here.

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