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HELP! possible GNex Brick

Guest comicbookguy

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Ok, so I've flashed several MCR's (baked and prebaked) with CWM onto my Nexus since i rooted it in late Dec without problems, so when the ir11 Dev kitchen went up i baked a Rom, loaded it up, did all my backups, and started to flash.

CWM booted to recovery and errored telling me to check my rom manager version number

so i uninstalled & reinstalled CWM & reflashed the recovery.....

which hung at about 95% complete for about 10 minutes,

until i rebooted the phone

or tried to reboot it, because now it's dead- no charging icon, no power button response, no fastboot or adb access

even after removing the battery for 1/2 an hour, tried booting with/without battery, plugged and unplugged from usb......

getting "omap4440" connect/disconnect in device manger, but it cant find the driver.

total noob with adb & fastboot, because i've never needed them before


cant find any hard boot fixes on the net

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yep, i'd read this post last night and it seems very close to my symptoms. i've tried to get fastboot the same way as Garoun in the post, but gave up around 1am after about 5 hours of searching & trying everything.

i suppose at least if it's totally dead then Samsung can't prove i've rooted it........ ;)

i'll carry on tonight and post progress, if any

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@comicbookguy Out of interest which bootloader you using?

the rom was modaco r10 from the kitchen, the kernel was Franco's. the bootloader unlock was the superboot one, but i'm not sure i actively changed the bootloader..

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ok, not been getting any joy anywhere, so i took the phone back into the store where i bought it, said it had just "died" and was unresponsive ;)

they said they'd sent it away for repair

got a text this morning to say it was fixed and was being dispatched back to me, and checked the tracking on the website...

there's a letter there which i presume is a copy of the letter i'll get back with the phone, saying that the repair involved "soldering and replacement of parts"

looks like it was a hardware failure, then.....?

Updated after collection: repair was free, phone came back with unlocked bootloader but reflashed to stock 4.0.1 rom and wiped, but is now re-rooted and currently installing an r12 from the kitchen

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