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Updating Vlingo

Guest Nik Louch

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Guest Nik Louch

I am using the Modaco custom rom after playing around with a few ICS roms...

OK, so the Samsung app that pops up on double-clicking the home button is practically useless. So I figured I would try the full on Vlingo from the market place. Seeing as the Samsung app is just a rebranded older version of vlingo I hoped it would update, but no - it's installed a separate app. Fine...

In the settings I have chosen vlingo as the default speech interface app. No joy - I still get the old samsung app!

I have tried freezing the samsung app - and this just disabled my double click entirely.

Can someone please let me know how to accomplish what I want. I am 99% sure I did it before somehow before I started playing with roms.


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Guest stevenz

Hunt around in the Samsung app store, it's called "Voice talk for Galaxy S2", current version is v2.8.2 from January 12, whereas the current version in the Market is v3.6.1 from February 8, 2012, so comparitively a pretty massive version jump, but it may be newer than what you have.

There's an app somewhere that will let you customise what a double-click does, it might be worth hunting that down.

Maybe Samsung only had a license to distribute the 2.x series of the application. Bit of a shame as they've made some huge improvements since then.

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