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set my density too high (realy need help)

Guest robbedoes97

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Guest robbedoes97

hello every one

i have a zte racer, and i set my density too high with a stupid density change app

i really dont now what to do, i even cant unlock my screen pattern becaus the density is too high

can you help me pleas ?

sorry if my english is bad iam from belgum

my facebook:http://www.facebook.com/tobbedoes97

gmail: [email protected]

i hope you help me

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Guest equiliym

you just need to re-edit your build prop and to change density to 120

use adb to pull and push build prop from phone

adb pull /system/build.prop build.prop
then in build.prop find and edit:

those two should be both 120 after that just push your build.prop and reboot
adb push build.prop /system

adb shell reboot

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