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[ROM] [20-02] TripNDroid Operating System CDMA | Alpha | UNDER DEVELOPMENT | 100

Guest TripNRaVeR

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Guest TripNRaVeR


TripNDroid Mobile Engineering proudly presents the first preview of it's upcoming operating system.


Most gapps are included

TripNDroid settings

Custom lockscreen

CyanogenMod settings

Trebuchet launcher

Bluetooth v4

Build for Cortex A9 systems for better performance

New music app

And much more!

Rom is based upon CyanogenMod sources, AOSP sources, alot of handpicked github mods.


CyanogenMod git

CyanogenMod gerrit


LorDClockaN (battery+lockscreen mods)


Feature list and included apps can change at any time, the official release is planned for summer 2012. Untill official release non of the features are guarenteed to be included in the official release. Because of the fact this will be released as a full operating system you may expect that gapps will be included in the official release.

Rom will require a full wipe untill the official release!


TripNDroid Mobile Engineering will provide a list with upcoming features or options when available. As soon as more information is available this will be updated.






kernel credits to cayniarb rom uses his kernel

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