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Guest umer427

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Guest umer427

Hi everyone!

I use Windows mobile 'notes' app for taking notes and for recording lectures simultaneously...but the problem is

Firstly, the recording stops automatically after a few minutes and i have to touch the record button again...and so the recording starts again but with a little pause so sometimes a missing things while recording...

so how can i increase the recording time to UNLIMITED????

or disable this auto-stop-recording feature of wm notes app?????

Secondly, there comes a beep whenever the recording stops automatically and again there is a beep when I have to start the recording again...when i turn the volume off from the volume control which is on the right side of the recording toolbar or through the volume rocker keys to 0, i suppose the recording also gets stopped!!!

Because these beeps are very disturbing when I am in a meeting etc...so how can i shut these beep sounds off????...like is there any app...like i have an app for shutting the camera sound of omnia II GT-i8000.

Is there any such app available for wn notes app...or can anyone develop it???

OR is there any way that I can use the Omnia II GT-i8000's recorder app and office mobile word simultaneously...because office mobile word does not support taking notes and recording simultaneously...and when the recorder app is running in the background the recording stops automatically!

OR can anyone suggest me any other app free or paid which offers wm Notes app like features i.e taking notes and recording simultaneously....

Thanks in advance!

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