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Galaxy Nexus - charging problem

Guest RODNiC

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Recently my Nexus been acting weired. .

It's not an isolated case since a Google search brings up people with similar problem

these are,

nexus would charge randomly - indifferent from what charger or Usb

Sometimes it says it's charging with no charger connected

screen turns on for no

- all these started after Android 4.0.4 and franco kernel was installed

as many forum hinted, removing any App that touched the LED light did help and phone goes on charge more

When switched off.. Phone charges perfectly.. Which is why many are hinting its more of a software problem rather then a hardware issue.

Other are blaming the NFC chip on the Nexus battery.. (and when acting weired.. Removing the battery for a minute does temporary fix the problem)

I'm still to try an alternative battery. (but soon will as I did order one)

anyone else have these issues??

Or found a better solution?

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