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PonyPhoto For Windows Phone 7

Guest KathrinaBB

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Guest KathrinaBB

For most users of windows phone 7, it maynot be an easy thing to choose a satifying photo editor software. Why? Well, aswe all know, all around the world, the users of windows phone are far less thanthose of Android or iOS, and thus the apps for windows phones are not thatmuch. Lucky enough is that, as Microsft is doing a better and better job inupgrading the Windows Phone OS, we have enough reasons to believe that thegroup of Windows Phone users will become bigger and bigger. Even, after manytests, among the hundreds of photo editors designed for Window Phone7, I foundthis one the best – PonyPhoto.

PonyPhotoApp Review

Photo editing apps number about 548 in the Windows Phone Marketplace,while a lot of them only do one thing, and others are more of a search enginefor images, there are a few that offer a good toolbox for turning camera snapsinto art. With the smartphone becoming peoples go to point andshoot camera, it’s essential to be able to get those on the goimages looking there best and shared, without having to get to a PC. Irecently mentioned aheap of photo tools that I thought were great, and while Pony Photo replicates many of the features in those itoffers a couple of extras I thought made it worth a mention.

Firstly, custom collages. Pony Photo offersa set of pre defined templates, that are layered, so you can place images inthe fore and backgrounds. From there, like in the image above you can go on addframes and effects over the collage as well.

Collages are fairly self explanatory, theinterface is really user friendly, it’s all a matter of tapping a space in thetemplate, tapping the image you want in that space and you’re done. The othersurprise is the ability to create animated gifs right from the phone.

You can stich up to nine images of any sizetogether in to an animation like the ones above, and the results will begenerated and run on the phone. The images are editable on the phone, throughthe app, but I can’t find where they are stored on the phone otherwise. As faras sharing, you can send them to Twitpic, Flickr and Facebook, they aregenerated into small images to minimise data use. You can also vary the speedof the transitions between images, so you can have a fast or slow rotation.

Again, there’s no way I can find to savethe gifs to the phone, only upload them, so I hope that would change in thefuture. For now I can see myself making a neat avatar with it. The rest of theapp, the photo effects, framing etc are rock solid, and it’s on par with Thumba PhotoEditor, and Pictures Lab. Pony Photo sells for 99 cents, with a freetrial, for that price it’s well worth the investment.


(NOTE: Thanks Peter Murphy for having written such a good review on PonyPhoto, and the origin version of the review above is on this website http://www.peterskitchen.net/?p=7076)

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