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Market auto-updating

Guest rajoni

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I am currently using cm7.2 rom and today my market auto-updated to version 3.1.3 and after that it started auto updating every app that had an update. Newer doesn't always mean better, so I was wondering is there a way to stop market from auto updating itself since in this version there is no option in settings to uncheck auto-updates of installed applications. Or is there a way to stop market from auto updating the apps since there is no option for that in settings of new market.

Thanks in advance.


Edit: Ok. After some research, i found out that market updater app is responsable for auto-updates. So I unchecked with root explorer every permission from that app and so far market didn't updated. It is just terrible what they are doing sometimes. This auto updating apps thing was driving me crazy and they just felt the need to remove that option from market settings. I like having possibility to chose...

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