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[THEME][MCR IR12]Black Exodus Build 9.1 by Nitroz

Guest Nitroz

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Guest Nitroz


Hello everybody! My name is Nitroz. Some of you may know me from the Galaxy SII forum, I sort of got my "fame" for porting the Black Android Theme by Pele. The theme got about 60,000 downloads and 100,000 page views and counting! But I decided to move onto an AOSP phone and start creating my own themes since I have gained the experience to do so. So welcome! If you're looking for a Black, Minimalistic theme for your Galaxy Nexus then this is the thread for you

So, Why Were You Banned?

I get asked this question alot. More than you think. So I made a Google+ post about it to explain what happened and why I server a 3 month ban. If you want to dis me in anyway, PM me about it and don't express your feelings in the thread. Don't rate the thread 1 star because you think I deserve it from the past. I've learn from my mistakes, I learnt how to theme myself.Read this post on Google+ It explains everything - https://plus.google.com/111892819495...ts/8WubQWiFUSH

What is Black Exodus?

Well, when I first got my Galaxy Nexus one thing stood out to me which I didn't like. The color scheme of Ice Cream Sandwich. Its a very dull Blue color which I didn't tend to like for the most part, plus the dialer backgrounds were, in a way, fugly. So I decided to take on the task of making the style as minimalistic as possible with a nice Black & White design instead of Blue. This is what Black Exodus is, a nice, Black & White simplistic color scheme. Maintaining the ICS look, but with a White color instead of Blue

Show Us the Honey *NEW*


Downloads Section!

Build 9.1 (New Version):

MCR IR12 - BlackExodus_Build9.1_MaguroToro_MCRIR12.zip

GummyNex 0.8.2 (Maguro) - BlackExodus_Build9.1_Maguro_GummyNex0.8.2.zip

AOKP M4 - BlackExodus_Build9.1_MaguroToro_AOKPM4.zip

Build 8 (Old Version)

AOKP B27 - BlackExodus_B8.1_magurotoro_AOKPB27.zip

GummyNex 0.8.1 (Maguro) - BlackExodus_B8_maguro_GummyNex0.8.0.zip

AXI0M CrossBreed T1 - BlackExodus_B8_toro_AXI0M_CROSSBREED_T1.zip

Can I Donate to You?

Of course, click here

How Do I Follow Your Work?

Google+ - http://gplus.to/NitrozK

Twitter - http://twitter.com/NitrozK

Website - http://nitroz.org


Hooolm - Website & Framework Help

Sonny - Help with Framework

evilkal - Circle Battery

MoDaCo/Paul - For letting me post this tongue.gif

boshot - Donation

viskas - Donation

Kalavere - Donation

TP - The majority of the invert GApp

pencil3maker - Transparent GenieWidget

Artvandelay - Inverted Dropox/Calendar

MelissaPugs - Bootanimation

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Guest Brembo109

Looks great, but there is still some work to do on the aokp m4 theme. Clock, weather in notification and numbers at ime are still blue :-). At the moment this theme looks good, but I don't like the custom back, home and multitasking buttons. The stock once are better in my opinion :-)

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Guest diggs_r

I like your ir12 theme. I noticed that the phone answer keys are too low behind the nav keys and can just see the tips of the circles.

I also lost my small nav keys when I flashed a bat mod.zip to get battery %. Are you planning to add battery % or circle mod?

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk

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Guest diggs_r
Diggs_r: From where did you download the theme?

Here a few days ago. I'm not using it now because of the call answer target being too low, behind the nav keys.

I'm just using inverted gapps and a batmod.zip that got rid of the stupid 4th search button and added batt %.

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk

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Guest drewlim

Grrr this is killin me!!! Link to download doesnt work and i really love to use the theme. Will anyone who has it care to share with dropbox or something?

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