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More Themes for Fish n Chips RLS4

Guest fr0do

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Guest fr0do

***The TMV themes should work on all Flibblesan & TMV Fish'N'Chips roms.

I made these themes for myself and thought I'd put them up in case anyone else wanted them.

These are created using the online kitchen which is pretty simple to use, you just need to extract two files from your current rom and the kitchen does the rest. There's a video tutorial that explains it fully.

Themes for both Vivacity and SF2

Orange Theme (sorry SF2 ppl you were trying to get away from them I know! :P)

Flash from CWM

TMV: http://www.mediafire...9wdzpk6clscf21w

SF2: http://www.mediafire...3bwk4h0sih25ro4




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Guest CurtisAndroidSF2

Will flashing this reset my device or anything?

Just want to make sure before I do it after I've spent 3 hours downloading apps and setting my device back up after flashing FNC!

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