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[2.3.7]joyOS iphone style port from Galaxy Ace

Guest anarkill

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Guest samnang

It's not fully MIUI Rom. It's only port some parts of MIUI to Blade.

From MIUI it have:

  • Contacts (some craches. replace by port - ExDialer)
  • MMS.apk
  • Phone.apk
  • MiuiMusic (replace with MDPI version)
  • Notes
  • Theme Engine
  • Launhcer (HDPI version have too big icons, replace by Espire or Tencent Desktop)
  • Download manager
  • File manager
  • Lockscreen
  • Status bar UI

In other parts - it's CM 7.

And because it have only HDPI graphics only - it occypies all RAM and so laggy. But if you OC this rom and use another laucher (Espire recomended) - not so slower.

If anybody want - I can post slightly modified and slimmed-down version.

I Like MIUI :lol:

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Guest desalesouche

In the next two days, I'll try to rebuild joyOS based on CM 7.2 32

And tomorrow I post LiGux port and LeWa OS port =)

hi what about these rom?

and did you have time to resize the miui rom? thx :)

have a good day...

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Guest LambOfGod

hi; i don't really understand what you mean as i am not really awaken today...:rolleyes: but is there a link? thx

sorry if is stupid question. as i said i didn't recover my brain yet...

lol no worries, all the links are provided by the developer of this rom in the first post. he mentions that one is firmware, and one is a zip of the nandroid recovery.

basically the nandroid recovery was failing on boot.img when i try restore, so what i did was install the firmware to get the boot img on my device (and no customization) then restored all the other img files apart from boot and it worked for me!

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Guest TheOSiris

This rom runs really smooth, i am impressed!

Any chance on .32 kernel?

Also multiple photos crash the app, have to rebbot to make camera work again, i think this bug was present in an early froyo rom in the past too.

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Guest antonioj07

Hello, this also my favourite ROM right now...hope it will be updated soon with .32 kermel, etc

i installed via restore backup, all went ok

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Guest cyb3rsp4rk

I tried this room and I can't send SMS... and where is the SMS center? I really like the room but this problems need to be solved.. btw Good work! The room is amazing

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