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which ROM eats battery the least?

Guest vza

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Just tried some best ROMs from this forum and for the permanent install ponder the following three:

1.) Yonn [HS + + V2.01 ROM 9 June 2011 - but without HS++, just plain Today screen maybe with some plugins

2.) SPB DRIOD ROM May 23, 2011 - without the Start menu

3.) Steff195's 29020 V2 Lite 26.07.2011

Which one eats the most minimal battery power?

Thank you in advance

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Guest dksvertix

So, I tried all most popular i900 OSs...

1) eats least, 3) eats a bit more than 1), and 2) needs a separate nuclear power plant.

I also tried...

ock GTX 23118 refreshed

ock Eclipse 23118

Obi Wan Radd Gloss Black M2d Sense Lite

ock TitaniumPremium 29005 (FMradio fixed)

ock UltraLite 29005

They all drain just as much as 1)


Obi Wan Radd Titanium Lite

Steff195's 23153 Normal

eat just as much as 3)

My personal taste of "be ready, I don't have time to configure you" and "I prefer NO bugs" bring me to like ock TitaniumPremium 29005 ROM.

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However it (TitaniumPremium) does not support FM PowerRadio, despite it is advertised so.

How do you think, would it be the best ROM if we took Steff195's lite with SPB-shell v.3.5.5?

Only don't say about SPB DRIOD, it fails every second boot, it's horrible!

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