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MIUI Battery Drain

Guest NadeemK

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Guest NadeemK

Hey everyone,

I have a Liquid E Ferrari Edition.

Stock ROM has a (relatively) lovely battery life, lasting about a day and a half with moderate use

I flash MIUI (quite a few different versions) but the battery drain on every single version is horrendous! I dont even get 6 hours!!

So I try both the ICS Alpha 36 and the CM9 ROMs that I got from these very forums.

Battery life was good again, just like the stock ROMs so I think to myself-"let me try MIUI again, since everything is working on it"

By now the MIUI versions have come a long way and I thought that maybe the battery life has improved as well.

I was wrong. Same problems, the suspect for the MIUI ROMs which I did not see at all on the ICS ROMs were:

"sensorserver_yamaha" which took a fat chunk of juice

and when delving further into the battery stats:

"com.android.server$alarmmanager" which seems to be on all the time, keeping the phone awake all the time.

Has anyone else come across this problem? I've wiped Dalvik and Cache to see what happens but it doesnt help at all.

I use 2G networks at all time, kill all apps not currently being used and never use Bluetooth or WiFi.

I'd really appreciate some light on this matter.

Thanks everyone.

Heres some info:

Baseband: A1-05.01.05

Kernel: phoenix@linux-m3te


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Guest lidoliberta


hi i had miui 237 for more time without problem,but i remember something: the sensor_yamaha....mhm.......i remember that deleted from file explorer......sorry for my english

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Guest NadeemK

Phoenix MIUIs have always been more power-hungry than Lens_Flare one's. I recommend you try one of these:

2.3.16 by iKrautDroid:


2.3.23 made by me (shameless self-promotion, lol):


Thanks Master T, I actually started using your port before you replied, best MIUI port I've used, FAR less power hungry, although on battery stats it still says that com.android.server$alarmmanager seems to be running all the time, could anyone post their battery stats?



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