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HTC sensation digitizer repaired- now phone doesn't work

Guest vixi99

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I wonder if anyone could help me with a problem I am having with my HTC sensation?

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally dropped it and smashed the screen but only the digitizer needed replacing as everything still worked perfectly.

I found a repair man on the internet and all seemed good - price very reasonable.

I received it back today and the screen is fixed and it works and I was happy but I have realised camera/ camcorder no longer work, call log, sent text messages log doesnt exist anymore and if you get a missed call it still tells you but not who it was from (so useless).

I have contacted the repair guy and he has basically washed his hands of it- says if I want it repaired again then I'll have to pay as it is a seperate problem.

Feel really let down but is there anything I can do? Would a factory reset work or is it caused by repair? Thanks in advance smile.gif

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