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ClockworkMod Recovery

Guest xpansive

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Guest xpansive

ClockworkMod Recovery



Installation instructions:

1. Ensure you have adb access to your device. If you have followed a tutorial on the internet but it won't work, there is one trick needed for this phone. If you are on Windows, go to C:/Users/your_name_here/.android/ and open the file called adb_usb.ini. If it doesn't exist, create it. Ignore the warnings about editing the file, and insert "0x2314" without the quotes on a new line at the end of file. For linux/mac users, do the same thing but look for the file in ~/.android.

2. Open a terminal in location you downloaded the recovery.img and flash_image to. On windows 7, hold down shift and right click in the folder to do this (Open Command Prompt). Run the following:

adb push recovery.img /data/local

adb push flash_image /data/local

adb shell


cd /data/local

chmod 777 flash_image

./flash_image recovery recovery.img



To boot into recovery, hold the info key while the phone boots, or use the following:
adb reboot recovery

Keymaps (what the buttons do)

  • Volume up/down - move menu selection
  • Info - select
  • Play/Camera - go back
  • Power short press - toggle menu
  • Power long press - reboot
    What doesn't work:
    • adb
    • mounting usb storage

I tried for a long time to get these to work, but the device seems to require some kind of custom usb driver, as the lunfile exists when in android, but not in recovery.

I know there is already someone else who already ported this, but I like compiling things myself and the keymaps aren't very good in the other version.

Edit 1: Uploaded correct recovery.zip

Edit 2: Remove unnecessary file perms on flash_image

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Guest xpansive

One question to ask, what functions of this recovery? Can support sd partition?

Yes, it has support for partitioning the sd card.

How about flashing recovery, using cmd -fastboot?

It is possible to use fastboot if you have the Italian version of the phone, since it has an unlocked bootloader. However, I have the Canadian version of the phone, which contains a locked bootloader so fastboot is not an option. If you have the Italian version, "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" should work. If it is locked, the command will appear to work but not write any data, so there is no harm in trying.

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