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[ICS] [CM9] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 for the ZTE Crescent [ROM] [Last updated: 13/07]

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Guest ModernXsK

I know this isn't of much help and rather dumb but, can anyone help me with building this ROM as I never did it so I don't have much experience, the reason behind building it again is that I have a hardware decoding fix but we need to rebuild the ROM in order for it to work, thus any help or brief tutorial is welcome. Thank you!

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Congratulations man. Really cool to see your effort finally paying off. I'll have a look at the WiFi issue.

Hey Daz, when you're not busy, can you tech us how to do this? Or release a build of this? It's so awesome I really wanna know how to do it :P How do you figure things like this out anyways? xD Pur

Me not, maybe someone else, because libstagefright on jellybean is very different EDIT: Here's the SF 2 version http://www.mediafire...-p736vHQFIX.zip Here's the TMV version http://www.mediafire

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