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CM7 2.3.7 does not work auto answer calls

Guest sn4

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Information: is CM7 2.3.7 (ZTE Racer) There is need for automatically answering a call. Looking at many of our advise or AutoAnswer HandsFree and PhoneCall_AutoAnswer. But none of them work in this version of firmware to sip client (sewn).

- AutoAnswer and HandsFree not work

- PhoneCall_AutoAnswer - instead of answering all the player itself (MortPlayr) runs. well behaved and CarUI lite

If espolzovat sip clients installed

- SipDroid certain functions where there is a auto-response to it, it handles, but there is another problem, Auto Answer losing player is not put on pause.

- Tasker 1.2.1u1 - FUNCTIONS response to the call is not available.

I understand the problem with the firmware CM7???

Question? climb Forums actual problem.

What to do?

PS sorry for my English (google translator helped)

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