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11 Apr - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the HTC One S - Sense and Vanilla styles

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

Hi everyone!

This is the development topic for my MoDaCo Custom ROM for the HTC One S. MoDaCo Custom ROMs are based on official ROMs - either shipping or leaked. A MCR release is designed to feel as far as possible like a stock ROM, with optimisations, tweaks and complimentary additions that enhance the user experience. The aim of a MCR is to be ultra reliable for use on an everyday device.

I am currently working on a LOT of features for the ROM (we have over 120 kitchen items already!) including including as many stock ICS options as possible. Development - as always - will take place in the kitchen, however I will be making a 'stock style' prebake available periodically as I create the ROM. Stock style and Vanilla (ICS) style prebakes will be available as the ROM takes shape.

Please see the changelog in post 3 to see the latest updates and to see what's included.

The ROM is installed via my ClockworkMod recovery. PLEASE BACKUP BEFORE INSTALLING. This ROM uses custom certificates, if you are not coming from a previous MCR release, please flash the 'to MCR' update zip as well as the main ROM. If you wish to switch from this ROM back to a stock ROM, you should flash the 'to Stock' update zip then the ROM of your choice.

  • ROM update zip (Sense style) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 54e2b3e03d8ccd8e4edea3ee1050f9eb
  • ROM update zip (Vanilla style) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 15ab9e59feb9a35950987039d56f2a52
  • 'to MCR' update zip (see above) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 418c9d6da2bc869d5bbaf1ad8def2095
  • 'to Stock' update zip (see above) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 950ce66bb4cccda5c5d129e4af55085f

Thanks for your support! If you would like to show your appreciation for the ROM, please consider supporting MoDaCo by signing up for a MoDaCo subscription! :)


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Guest PaulOBrien

There may be a short wait while the load balancing software determines the best kitchen to serve your ROM. The kitchen should appear below within 20 seconds.

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Guest PaulOBrien


11th April 12:00 - Vanilla style prebake cutoff point

  • Added stock Google browser to kitchen
    10th April 14:00 - Sense style prebake cutoff point

    • Initial release
    • Rebuilt, compressed and optimised with the MCR build system
    • Based on the 1.53 WWE release
    • All Google and 3rd party applications updated to the latest release
    • SuperSU application and su binary from ChainfireXDA for SAFE root functionality
    • Insecure boot image
    • LOTS of ICS stock options
    • Language tweak for UK English (Torch -> Flashlight)
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Guest Piter1225

Thanks Paul!

I think many users would appreciate to have hardware buttons remaped, so that "recent apps" would become "menu" and long press "home" would become "recent apps". It solves the problem with 3 dots displayed in non-ICS apps.

This modification can be found in Virtuous ROM for One S: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/20859-rommar-24villes-seriesvirtuous-one-s-v120/

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Guest redseven

This is awesome. I'm surprised how much more I'm enjoying my One S without all that goofy Sense nonsense. Thanks so much.

Feeling my phone is pretty close to perfect now (just need to not have to swipe to enter my unlock pattern and for the button lights to dim in the clock's night mode).

I doff my hat to you sir, well done.

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Guest antifish


when i want to go back from modaco custom to stock by restoring a cwm backup, do i need to flash the toStock.zip first?

or just when i do a factory reset and then flash a new (not modaco) rom?

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Paul, can you make the HTC lockscreen available? I dont have my backup at work :(

Noticed that incoming calls aren't going to the ICS lockscreen, have to unlock to get the receive/reject dialog.

edit - This is for the vanilla ROM :), gonna rebake a version with it, but the prebake should probably have it else people can't answer the phone :(

Edited by Poag
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Guest Guillaume AUBRY

i have the same issue ... i will try to rebake another rom with the sense lock screen instead of the stock ICS ... i hope this will correct this problem.

Edited by Guillaume AUBRY
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Guest Guillaume AUBRY

I have a problem with the rom i'm cooking. It doesn't install on my one s. (who is currently on a virtuous 1.3 rom)

The recovery install the zip but the system img installed in just 2 sec ... then done ... i'have cook 3 roms and all do the same things ...

Is anyone who cook his rom suceed to install ?

i'm doing something wrong ? cook the rom. copy it on my device and reboot into recovery made by modaco to install it .

Make a full wipe of any partition before ... nothing is working ...

Need Help please :)

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Guest Ivyn87x

Very great rom.. wonderfull!!!

I have only two issue:

  • Unlock required before answering call
  • The HTC Camera is for some reason not willing to open the ICS Gallery for previews.

The rest work very good :)

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Guest Adrien G

Hi again.

I want to make sure i did the right thing here. That's my first time using this type of rom.

I rebooted in recovery

flashed the 'To MCR' update

DID NOT wipe anything.

Applied the rom (is that a good thing)

After rebooted it updated the apps but that's about it.

I did go in the about menu to make sure the rom got update and i did see the software version beingMCR lr1 Alpha.

Should i have done a factory reset?

What are the ICS Stock options present?

Thanks again. If i am happy with i will subscribe to the premium level to bake my rom.

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