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Guest Turvy


This is probably a bit of a longshot, but i thought this would be the best place to ask. A friend of mine bought his daughter an Easypad Junior by Easypix for Christmas, within a day she had dropped it, and the glass is cracked. But the touchscreen is now, not very responsive, most of the time it does not work at all. It comes with a stylus, and that doesn't seem to work ever.

There is a screen protector over the glass, would this do that (Help hinder the screen)?

Would it be because the screen is resistive (i think)?

I can't find any information at all, anywhere to do with this tablet. I never saw it working, only partially now, with the cracked glass. So i don't know how responsive it ever was to begin with.

The crack is down the centre of the screen, i'm pretty sure it's only the outer glass, and not the screen, but maybe the digitizer is gone.

If the digitizer took a knock, could it just be loose?

Thanks for reading, i hope somebody can help with any information, also if possible any info about disassembling this tablet would be great.

Here are two photo's i took, sorry about the quality, the second one is so that you may see the crack better.




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