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Voodo sound for acer liquid metal

Guest Vazel360

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Guest franzo87

There is a Beats audio library, flashable with cwm....it improve sound a lot !!!

where we can find it? thanks :)

find it' wasn't easy :) look on google: beats xda

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Guest Ianis G. Vasilev

Beats is simply an equalizer preset (Can be achieved with Volume+). Liquid MT has a bad quality speaker and thus the only audio mod that's worth installing is Xloud (Altrough Xloud doesn't increase the volume much). Volume+ can increase the volume up to 3 times, but the sound quality will decrease significantly. Altrough I'm using Beats audio and Xloud, I haven't found much difference between the stock audio engine and any modified version.

Try flashing the attached file (works on CM7) and see for yourself.

Beats Audio & Xloud.zip

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Guest akasma74

This is the updated Beats Audio Package. To get the most out of it turn on Dolby Mobile in settings and choose Auto under Music EQ.


I noticed a pretty big difference after installing it playing music in the Miui Player.

Is there a way to get a separate package files for Xloud? I'm really interested in something to increase volume level of the external speaker and Volume+ didn't help.

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