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CPU Governors list and description

Guest natostanco

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Guest natostanco

Doing a little research I really found out scattered and unclear informations about the most common governors that we can choose from except the default ones ofc, if you have a detailed wiki list please point it out, here I am listing all the behaviour I see trying each governor, classifying with

red - high performance

yellow - medium

green - low battery usage

for tick I mean clock level.


Most of the times keeps cpu on the possible lowest level, for single actions it never reach maximum clock, instead increases it of 1-2 ticks, it reaches maximum clock only for long and persistent requests, in the average it would stay between 128 and 384mhz.


On an action request it pumps up the cpu to the maximum or nearly maximum level and gradually scale it down to the minimum, this is a very dinamic governor that gives high response rates but not continuosly due to the fast down scaling.


This is a sort of edge governor, it justmps between the maximum and the minimum level every action request, can give slightly better performances than the lagfree, but not in a really noticable way, but can give slightly low battery consumption for the instant clock reduction it has.


as long as the screen is on it is at maximum cpu clock, reduced on sleep. (i guess :P)

smartass v2

this is a lively governonr, it is somekind of mix between interactive lagfree and smartass, it is like a roller coaster scale up and scale down, but can jump max and jump min, and I guess it has low values under sleep.


It is like interactive but scales down on sleep.

this is what I get just by looking at how the clock rates move, sorry if the informations might be wrong, this is just how they seem to work for me :)

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