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Any must have accesories you guys have? In particular anybody got a spare battery and charger other oem? Im looking to buy one but arent sure any after market batteries would live up to an original.

As for cases i have a few including the original samsung one which im not really a fan of, i like the idea of extra protection for the screen but it makes using the phone with one Hand and much and harder and just generally gets in the way.

I have this one but found my phone got hot in the short time i had it on, but this mite of been coincidence though i havent experienced the same overheating with other cases.


The one im using atm is this


Great for a cheap case and fits well though charging port hole is slighlty to small it still works.

Im thinking of getting this for work (manual labour) as it looks more heavy duty which i need. http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=261006878156&index=7&nav=SEARCH&nid=83637939365

Any thoughts


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