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[RECOVERY] Vega Touch Recovery and previous

Guest Scanno

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Guest Scanno

Hi All,

I have posted this thread over at Tabletroms a while back, but i thought i would post it here also for those that do not read Tabletroms.

This thread will contain the links to all the recovery images i have build:

- The plain CWM recovery

- The old CWM Touch based on

- My new Vega Touch Recovery.

The new Vega Touch Recovery is based on CWM and the Kindle Fire touch sources from Team Utter Chaos.

For more information about the sources see the thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1485829.

I have changed a lot in the sources because the touches were not recognized correctly and a lot of functions of CWM were disabled (like formatting the SD-card).

What is the difference between the Vega Touch Recovery and the previous touch recovery... Well the new recovery is based on of CWM and takes better advantage of the landscape orientation of our tablet. This means that the touch buttons have moved to the right of the screen and are a lot bigger then the previous touch recovery. I like the new version, but it is up to you to find out.

This is a beta version, so like always there can be some things that do not work correctly. The recovery is based on CWM and i did not touch all the hardcore stuff, but you never know for sure. So the usual disclaimer applies here :cool:


The NEW Vega Touch Recovery:

- Vega Touch Recovery v01b1: http://www.mediafire.com/?sdn1b7dpxxt9ar6

CWM based Touch Recovery

- CWM Touch Recovery r2: http://www.mediafire.com/?dx91d1j5uvrie0v

Standard CWM Recovery

- CWM Recovery


For people who do not know how to flash a recovery image, please wait until there is a NVFlash ROM that includes the recovery. If you do know how to flash a recovery image and you are looking for a flash_image that works on VegaICS, then here it is...


- For the touch related source-code: Team Utter Chaos

- For the stale boot fixes and kernel: Areo and Wooshy1

- And offcourse koush for CWM

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Guest richardmlea

Thanks scanno,

does this include Eduardo's new touchscreen driver like your earlier version did?

Edit, Just realised that the pervious image I was thinking about (with the TS driver) was boot image ignore me.

Edited by richardmlea
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