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Is AT&T preventing the HTC One X bootloader being unlocked?

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Guest PaulOBrien

As many of you know, i've been rocking a AT&T HTC One X for the past 2 weeks and I LOVE IT! What has been a concern though is that I haven't been able to unlock the bootloader via HTCdev, something I assumed might be related to it being a non release unit. Well, retail units are now hitting customers... and it doesn't look good.

The same 'MID ERROR 160' that I have experienced is also happening to units being delivered to customers today, and has apparently has been present on other AT&T devices in the past. This points to the fact that for whatever reason, the AT&T devices are deliberately not unlockable. We have had confirmation that Rogers One X units (essentially the same hardware) do unlock fine, which does lead us to think that this is not an accident! ;)

I've put a call in to my contacts at HTC to work out exactly what's going on but, well, it's looking like seriously bad news! If you've just taken delivery of your shiny new pride and joy, post your thoughts below and i'll make sure they get read by HTC / AT&T.


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Guest iBotPeaches

This pisses me off to no end. First they diminished the product to a dual core and still get the right to call it the One X, and then this.

AT&T has lost my respect. The only reason I'm still with them is I'm still grandfathered into this iPhone unlimited data plan which has carried with me to all my Android phones.

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Guest bhundven

I tried the htcdev unlock before rooting. I entered the identifier token and it said that unlocking was successful. I would be sent a key and instructions in my email, but I never received the email.

I tried again after root (now with ***TANTED***) and got the same MID error.

I'm not on windows (mac) and don't have a copy of windows to run in vmware.

Is there a way to unpack the exe and fastboot back to stock to try again, or is it just not worth it?

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