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Ir2 1.78.401.2 - HTC One S Stock ROM DUO [Deodexed-Updated-Optimised]

Guest PaulOBrien

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This is a repack of the stock ROM for the HTC One S, the most recent release at the time of writing - 1.78.401.2.


  • Deodexed
  • All components Updated to the latest versions
  • Optimised with the MCR build system for
  • Rooted with insecure boot image
    A kitchen for this will follow shortly. This will also form the basis for my next MoDaCo Custom ROM.

    This image is for flashing via ClockworkMod recovery, and is used at your own risk! Always back up before flashing!
    • Ir2 1.78.401.2 DUO - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: d9352b78a9e5df3ccce5aca2c78e1084
    • Enjoy! :)


      PS If you find this useful, please consider signing up for a MoDaCo subscription!

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RamboDroid: Yes, the ROM should, in theory, run on your T-Mo One S.

PaulOBrien: sorry to crosspost from xda, but I'm guessing you're generally kind of busy and don't check each and every forum. There's a bug in this release where HTC appps crash when you try to select something. Clear example, try to type a message and select a word > bye-bye Messages app!

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Hello - I'm a Newbie but followed http://android.modaco.com/topic/352493-how-to-root-your-htc-one-s-for-windows-mac-and-linux/ and all was well thank-you.

Yesterday I tried to install 1.78 FOTA and it failed - presumably because I rooted the phone as above - I was expecting this as HTC Dev had indicated this was the case.

I want to flash the update in this post i.e. Ir1 1.78.401.2 DUO - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 008096dc11f39cfcdc8d65872665c03

Here is my question - if I flash this will it overwrite all my applications, settings etc ? - if so, how do I best backup and restore these before and after doing the update - I have My Backup Pro - do I use this ?

I know its a "Newbie Type" question but I would really appreciate the guidance.

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Hey zobojoe,

You're switching between a stock and a de-odexed ROM. I'd recommend backing up your apps (system settings are usually saved on Google's servers, if you enabled that option) with Titanium Backup and then flashing the stock recovery and unrooting. That way you can upgrade to 1.78, which also includes new radio firmware. Afterwards simply flash a custom recovery from fastboot, boot into it, wipe system, data and cache and flash the custom ROM of your choice.

Hope that helps.

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Here's a logcat from Messages crashing when trying to select text:

E/Adreno200-ES20( 1367): <process_gl_state_enables:456>: GL_INVALID_ENUM

E/Adreno200-ES20( 1367): <process_gl_state_enables:456>: GL_INVALID_ENUM

I/System  (  526): Failed to destroy process 8121

I/System  (  526): libcore.io.ErrnoException: kill failed: ESRCH (No such process)

I/System  (  526):  at libcore.io.Posix.kill(Native Method)

I/System  (  526):  at libcore.io.ForwardingOs.kill(ForwardingOs.java:77)

I/System  (  526):  at java.lang.ProcessManager$ProcessImpl.destroy(ProcessManager.java:257)

I/System  (  526):  at com.htc.feedback.DeviceStatus.runCommand(DeviceStatus.java:106)

I/System  (  526):  at com.htc.feedback.DeviceStatus.sGetPartitionInfo(DeviceStatus.java:74)

I/System  (  526):  at com.htc.feedback.DeviceStatus.dump(DeviceStatus.java:28)

I/System  (  526):  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)

I/System  (  526):  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:511)

I/System  (  526):  at com.android.server.am.HtcErrorReportManager$2.run(HtcErrorReportManager.java:294)

I/System  (  526):  at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:864)

E/HDMIDaemon(  236): mAcceptedConnection 13

E/HDMIDaemon(  236): mAcceptedConnection 13

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I have install the Ir2 1.78.401.2 DUO rom but i discover a problem. When i just install the Rom and after the configuration wizard, when i check the space use by the applications, it show me that i use around 1.6 Go on the 2Go application partition.

The problem is that I have not yet installed any application....

When i check what is going on, i see that the folder in Data\lost+found is full of folders and files and takes more than 1Go of data !!

I have format every partition in the recovery and my older nandbackup is ok.

Moreover, i can't do a nandbackup in CWM. Still rebooting on the Data partition ...

Is there a problem with this rom ? am i alone with this problem ? Any fix ?

Edited by Guillaume AUBRY
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Hello Paul,

the Friendstream does not work in this ROM. I saw a post in the ONE X forum you fixed this. Please can u fix this also in this ROM for the ONE S? FS says i have not logged in to any social network.

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Hi Paul,

Really looking forward to the kitchen for this one!

Can you give any hints as to when it'll be ready? Realize you're busy :)

Thanks for all your hard work,


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